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          More than10,000

          stores serve you

          • Truck & Bus Tire
          • Off The Road Tire
          • Bias Tire
          • Truck & Bus Tire
          • Off The Road Tire
          • Bias Tire
            Truck & Bus Tire
            Model: AR101/1017

            Unique compound tread formula
            Reduce irregular wear, reduce wear rate, excellent grip performance
            Unique anti-jamming stone pattern ditch design, super anti side sliding and wet sliding performance
            Effectively reduce noise and better heat dissipation performance, driving comfort and safety

            Off The Road Tire
            Model: OTR L-5(AE801)

            The ultra deepened block pattern and high-strength carcass design are suitable for engineering tires used in mining quarries or underground loaders and harsh working environments such as slag and sand in steel plants.
            The unique structure design and formula design can effectively improve the cutting and explosion resistance of engineering tires, and have a high retreading rate of engineering tires.

            Bias Tire
            Model: AB521

            Suitable for tractor front wheels with good stability;
            Other specifications are applicable to mining area, mountainous area, beach and muddy working environment with good grip.

          About us
          Hubei Jintian Tyre Co., LTD. (referred to as Jintian) is a professional and large-scale technology-oriented tyre manufacturer integrated with development, production, sales and service .
          • 20+ Years
            Professional tyres manufacture
          • 50+
            National patents
          • 450W+ Sets
            Annual production capacity
          • 100+
            Export to global market
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